Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hand. Craft. It.

Handmade Market sign marked where the holiday sale was.

Signs for Hand. Craft. It. outside of the venue.
Last weekend some of the Craft Athens Team took part in Hand. Craft. It. handmade market that took place in lovely Madison, Georgia at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center. There were so many talented artists there, it was a truly amazing event.

Necklaces by Genevieve Gail.

Genevieve models her new hat.
One of my first stops was Genevieve's tables. She had quite a bit of new stuff since I last saw her. This time she had some adorable bird necklaces and some new art prints she had been working on. As you can see, she did a little shopping herself, just look at that fabulous hat she picked up!

Gypsies Tramps and Thieves shirts.

Gypsies Tramps and Thieves upcycled hats from vintage sweaters.
Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves had a bunch of upcycled hats that were sewn from vintage sweaters. They are all so cute, too. I love all the different colors to choose from. Serra also had so many screen printed shirts and jewelry she has been making.

Laurel Hill Jewelry.

Laurel Hill's jewelry at Hand Craft It.
Laurel Hill was there, too. I have to say I simply love her jewelry! Each time she has something new and unique at her table. My favorites are the little banner necklaces and pins (cos I have them in my collection) and the poppies.

Daisycakes Soaps.
We also met Jean-Marie of Daisycakes Soap. Her table was the best smelling there! I got some of her Chai Tea Lip Balm and I have been using it ever since!

Cute crafts!

Prehistory's tables.
Prehistory had a variety of cute knitted scarves, plush acorns, paper goodies, and stickers. I especially love the wrist cuffs (cos I have one of those that Tara made, too!).

Wooden chrams at our table.
And I only took a few pictures of our tables, but here is one I will share. These are some of my wooden charm necklaces and pins!

Handmade Nation clip was shown.
I got to leave the table for a little while and catch the preview screening for Handmade Nation. It looks like a great deal of love and hard work went into this film - and I so look forward to seeing it when it is officially released. I know a few people that will show up in the film, so I am interested in what they have to say! How inspiring!

Music sign on the theatre.

Hope for Agoldensummer.
Later in the day a few bands played in the cute theatre that was across the way from where the market was held. I had enough time to leave Raoul manning the table and go catch some of Hope for Agoldensummer play. I love seeing them perform and they always look like they are having a good time singing and laughing with the audience. Sadly, I did not get to see Bowerbirds or Ola Podrida play later that night, but I did record this from Hope for Agoldensummer's set.

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