Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Craft Athens Team: Meet Beth Cyr

If you live in Athens, you may have seen Beth Cyr's nature inspired jewelry around town in some of your favorite shops. I know I have! Beth is a very talented jewelry artist, but that's not all she does. Please read more to learn about Beth.

Tell us about yourself and your craft.
My name is Beth Cyr. I never really know what to tell people when they ask
me what I do. I don't know how to classify myself other than an artist. So I
usually say something like, I'm an artist, I make jewelry. Jewelry artist
sounds kind of pretentious. I also sometimes say that I am a metalsmith, but
it doesn't seem to cover it either. Jeweler/metalsmith kind of works, but
there doesn't seem to be a single word that covers what I feel like I do.
Its silly, I know.

How long have you been crafting?

I've been working with metal since... 2001 I guess. I took an intro to
jewelry and metalsmithing and signed up to major in it the next semester.

What made you start the Craft Athens Etsy Team?
Athens is so incredibly supportive of the arts, but I hardly ever get sales
on Etsy from people in Athens. A few people I know shop on Etsy, but it
seems like for a long time, everyone I talked to had no idea what Etsy was.
So I wanted to create a team that would help bring awareness to Athens
residents that they can shop local online, on Etsy.

Are you originally from Athens? If not, how did you wind up here?
I am not originally from Athens, I was born in Connecticut grew up in
Alabama and in northwest Georgia, just south of Chattanooga - then came to
University of Georgia and ended up staying! Which had not been my plan even
when I graduated, but it just sort of happened and I love it here.

What are some of your favorite and least favorite things about living and
crafting in Athens?

I think my favorite things is that as a whole, its very acceptable to be an
artist. Athens residents really seem to respect and like to support local
businesses, whether you're an artist, musician, farmer, or just a local
boutique. I'm not sure that I have a least favorite!

Do you feel Athens is a good place for artists? Why or why not?
I definitely think so. Most artists like to be part of a community that in
general supports the arts. And Athens is big for music, visual and
performing arts, so it has a lot to offer.

Please tell about some of your favorite things to make.
My favorite things to make are anything that involves a torch and a hammer.
I find that pieces that don't involve both of those elements just aren't as

What is a typical day like in your studio?
A typical day involves spending a lot of time on the computer! I usually
make a list of projects I need to work on. Since most of my business is
custom work, I keep a board with all my orders listed on it. It helps to
keep me focused on what tasks I need to get done that day.

Name five websites that inspire you.
Astronomy Picture of the Day - I love astronomy!
Etsy Metal - my other street team - amazingly talented friends!

hm... I don't think I have 5... I spend a lot of time on Etsy!

Besides making things, what else do you enjoy doing?

I've been reading a lot lately and doing a little bit of writing. I try to
do yoga just about every day as it makes me very happy. I also love movies,
all kinds, even some pretty bad ones. I'm pretty easily entertained!

Thank you Beth! Please have a look at Beth's shop on Etsy and check out her wonderful creations!

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