Saturday, February 28, 2009

AUX Event Report

Here are some scenes from last week's Aux Event here in Athens. All these photos are by Raoul de la Cruz.

We spotted some Craft Athens team members at the handmade market. I especially liked some of the new goodies I saw, like prints from ipullprints!

We went inside to watch and hear Dark Meat.

It is always nice to have a parade here in Athens. I have been to so many here in Athens!

Later on we caught some music by Killick. We enjoyed his handmade instrument.

We came back later that night to see Maps and Transit. I especially liked Julie Phillip's silks aerials combined with the music and projected paintings.


Beth Cyr said...

Wow!!! very cool!!

Church of Craft Athens said...

It was really cool! Raoul posted alot more with better photos and video, too. Here is the link:

IPullPrints said...

Hey, thanks for the sweet shoutout. I like you too!

Ali from IPullPrints