Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flossys., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

I made some little ponies to help organize my embroidery floss. I call them Flossy the Pony. They are very helpful, and they look very cute. You can read about my inspiration for Flossy at Rancho Cocoa.

Flossy in yellow.
After I posted about Flossy, blogs I never knew posted about it. Check out what Cuteable had to say, as well as Feeling Stitchy and Super Cute Kawaii, too. Thank you to all the blogs that are excited about Flossy! Just keep an eye on Shoppe Sugar Cookie to get a pony of your very own.


Beth Cyr said...

those are incredibly cute!!!

Anonymous said...

omg this are freakin' fantastic!!!!!! i knew they looked familiar, i think i saw them on

i love to embroider and might need to treat myself to one of these little ponies, after all, what little girl, or grown-up girl, still doesn't want a pony?!

laurel said...

AAAAAAH! Missy these are amazing.
I loved this week's Tofu Baby, by the way!