Saturday, June 20, 2009

Etsy Finds

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I love shopping on Etsy, even though I am a seller, too. I found a beautiful handmade doll, Little Dog Goes for a Walk by one of my favorite sellers, Misako Mimoko. Misako Mimoko is really Eva in Spain. Please have a peek at how she packaged my lovely doll!

I love the little teapot character!!

Thank you!
The package had a thank you note to me and was carefully wrapped in tissue paper.

cute box!
A colorful illustration was the backing scene for the Little Dog. She really is going for a walk.

Look at that sweet face.
Look at the detail in those stitches! I love Little Dog's look.

Little Dog Goes for a Walk
Now Little Dog is going for a walk on my desk! I love you, Little Dog. I think she needs a name. What do you think?


Church of Craft Athens said...

Thanks, Valerie! I love that doll, too.

CharmN Jewelry said...

I think there is creativity and art in every sweet is the doll and the lovely doodle eyes...would check in etsy fr sure.Silver Charm Bracelet