Thursday, July 16, 2009

Athfest Report

Tea and pie, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

I took forever to post, but we had a good time at Athfest this year. I got to talk to some of the Craft Athens Etsy Team there and so many other friends. It was so hot, so I was not out for very long! Here are some of my favorite photos from that weekend.


Art cars

Art cars
These are some of the art cars that were parked downtown. I love the little knick knacks all over this car. I bet I can make my car look like this, too!

Liz Durrett
Here is Liz Durrett at Nuci's Space.

Circulatory System
Circulatory System at Nuci's Space.

Slow Rowboat
Slow Rowboat at Nuci's Space.

Captain Number One
Captain Number One at Nuci's, too. Yes, that is Jenny!

One more thing - thanks for the Athens love over at Lilly Ella blog! Thanks so much. It is always nice to read about our Craft Athens artists!

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